An approach based on criminology

My goal: always provide a way for you to progress, to avoid being stuck and to grow.

As a trained criminologist, Fred Colantonio acts as a business advisor for companies and decision-makers (managers, executives and entrepreneurs): he offers shortcuts of experience and practical business lessons. Based on his extensive personal research and numerous advisory assignments, Fred can suggest a possible alternative, a track to follow, an idea to investigate.

What’s the link between criminology and companies? /

Fred made of his studies, criminology, a specific unique use.

Criminology focuses on understanding the attitude of an inidividual within a group, and seeks to explain what leads someone to step out of line in a bad way (deviance and delinquency). Fred chose to turn the point of view upside down: he focuses on what drives a person to reach to the top, for outstanding progress and results.

Criminology is also a crossroads approach. It is at the intersection of several other sciences. For a given situation, communication will provide a communicating angle and answer, law will provide a law angle and answer, and the manager will give a manager’s point of view. Company criminologist will say: « It all depends on the angle, on the point of view, and on the desired results we want to achieve. »

In a fast-changing and fast-transforming world, this method allows you to:

  • Combine a specific view of your company with broader global perspectives
  • Anticipate change of use and mindset evolution of users, coworkers and clients
  • Help decision-making, provide refreshing and innovative solutions

From culture to tools (and not the other way around)

Fred believes the challenges about optimizing performances, innovative and transformative processes and organizations (large and small) requires the integration of 3 areas:

  • Culture is about the company purpose, no matter its size, and the attitude of every person involved, from the sole entrepreneur to the CEO
  • Communication is about the in and out flows between the people and about the company and its brand image
  • Tools is about the channels and devices useful for the company and business to grow.

Inductive approach and grounded theory as methodological resources

Fred starts from the day-to-day work and practice, with as few preconceived ideas as possible, to build concrete useful content he delivers in keynotes speeches, books and advices to companies and entrepreneurs.

This approach is inspired by the inductive method and the grounded theory.

The inductive method is based on 3 fundamental steps, plus a verification phase:

  • Observating, collecting and inventorying facts and situations
  • Analysis, classification and organization of facts and situations
  • Expression of generalizable concepts and generalized recommendations based on facts and situations

Grounded theory has the same starting point:

  1. Observation of situations and practical cases to reveal major trends (strategic invariants) that be used in other contexts and configurations
  2. Absence of preconceived ideas.

Grounded theory’s specificity is the construction from the ground up, from what is brought along the process and enriched by relevant external inputs.