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« An expert who makes things more complicated isn’t doing their job right (…) An expert should make things simpler. »

Richard Branson, British entrepreneur, founder of the Virgin brand

Businesses and entrepreneurs start and grow in evolving contexts and environments. The impact of technology and the Internet, changes in customer mindset, and the need to innovate to differentiate and stand out are at the heart of successful organizations.

Since 2006, Fred has been helping business professionals (entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, and large companies) to develop and reinvent themselves by opening up new perspectives.

Fred works best in the following topics:

  • Operational strategy for decision makers (leaders and entrepreneurs)</li
  • Pragmatic advices to field teams
  • Individual face-to-face support

His innovative approach is based on his university training in criminology and his everyday field experience. It is based on the concrete results he’s been able to obtain for himself and with the companies that trusted him to meet their challenges and to transform themselves.

Advisory Services and Opportunities

Decision-makers and businesses need:

  • Inspiration to see things with fresh perspectives
  • Decision support to go for effective action with impact
  • Purpose to instill a direction to take, a « why » to everyday actions and sensations to experience

« Solitary actions with solidarity benefits »: it is through the attitude of individual people that team progress takes place. Let’s join together to reveal the leaders of your organization: inspired leaders, leaders of action, leaders of purpose.

Successful companies have integrated the development of their employees’ leadership and decision making autonomy at the core of their daily work.


Inspired teammates who act as leaders of purpose are more involved in the day-to-day job as well as in the long-term projects.

Let’s build your innovative dream team thanks to simple rules based on:

  • Accessible leadership principles, practicable and beneficial to all
  • Involvment and exchanges during working sessions (open-mindedness)
  • Perspective put on issues and innovative solutions provided

We value the sharing of experience and practices, feedback from valid initiatives tested elsewhere

Successful companies also have integrated the client at the core of their day-to-day work.

A true customer culture can be learned, grown and takes place over time, with the intent of fulfilment by responding to its expectations… and even anticipating them.

Let’s build your customer loyalty thanks to simple rules based on:

  • Customer focus to identify the way he thinks and what he cares about
  • Managing contact points to create a strong customer experience that includes digital and social media
  • Key-information acquisition and creation of added value and ambassadors community

We value the sharing of experience and practices, feedback from valid initiatives tested elsewhere.

Successful companies have integrated technologies in their communication and innovation strategies.

From the impact of social media and collaborative tools on communication and collaboration to innovation, digital is everywhere today. It is a strong basis on which your company can create and communicate to reach customers and partners.

Let’s build your innovative strategy and communication, using technology and relying on:

  • Innovation and creativity to foster your projects and growth
  • Communication technology inclusion into professional relationships
  • Social media impact and collaborative tools

We value the sharing of experience and practices, feedback from valid initiatives tested elsewhere.