Qui est Fred


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Call me the way you want, you’ll end up with me ☺

First name: Fred, forget Frederic. Name: Colantonio. « Col » as in « Call » and « Antonio » as the name. Simple, huh? And yet it seems that there’s been a lot of misreading, misspelling, mis- whatever about it. Here are a few delightful variations: Colantino, Colatonio, Colantanice, pick the one you like best.


Fred Colantonio likes to go beyond appearances to find the very essence and nature of humans and organizations in their context of evolution.

Fred is passionate, curious and eager for learning. His dynamism and his sense of humor make him a professional speaker, a business advisor and an inspiring author, listening and always ready to share. Kind and determined, his humanity characterizes his entrepreneurial approaches.

Fred is passionate about reading, music (BIG Metallica fan here – and guitar player) and his son Livio. Fred is assistant to the sorting of Lego ® pieces, specialized in colors and shapes.

His mantra: « This is the major entrepreneurial project we are responsible for: making our own life a success. »


« Every bit counts. »

With what he has, in his own humble way, Fred chose to contribute to a better world. He helps:

  • ForMyFit, virtual coach that motivates and encourages walking and running
  • Graine de Vie, {Seed Of Life} an assocition that compensates ecological footprint by planting trees in Madagascar
  • Indah, a belgian association that supports initiatives related to education and child protection around the world
  • Make-a-Wish, an association dedicated to making sick children’s wishes come true
  • Made in Abeilles, a belgian association working to protect bees

Fred is also part of Belgian League of Optimists, as an eternal optimist.



« GROW and DARE for histories to SHARE. »


Trained as professional criminologist, Fred Colantonio quits Belgian public administration after 5 years of practice. In 2005, he launches a consultancy agency with the will to integrate psychology and human understanding at the heart of companies and their communication and brand image.
He and his teammates advised +100 clients and delivered +10 000 hours of training and talks to help businesses and brands deal with several key challenges they face these days in order to perform, to grow and to stay in the race: leadership (empowerment and self-management, communication), digital transformation (social media and customer-focus), and differentiation (through innovation and creativity).
In 2012, after 5 years of research, Fred Colantonio unveiled an innovative method about the mindset and behavior that lead to success in business and life, called L’attitude des Héros ® (Leadership essence and lessons), with the mantra: « Grow and dare for histories to share. »
Since 2010, Fred Colantonio is a published author. He wrote 7 books. 4 of them are best-sellers, and 3 are published both in Europe and Quebec. He delivered +750 keynote speeches and talks in 12 countries. His message reaches thousands of people.

© photo Maxime Pauvert


As a professional speaker, Fred works with different speaker’s bureau (depending on countries):

As business advisor, Fred is or has been approved by:

  • Walloon Region – RENTIC expert (digital transformation)
  • Walloon Region – Business development advisor
  • AWEX – E-Marketing expert for international developments

Fred is a member of:

  • AICPF – International Association of French Speaking Professional Speakers
  • AFCP – French Association of Experts & Professional Speakers
  • CAPS – Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (Montreal Chapter)
  • GSF – Global Speakers Federation
  • UPMC – Professional Union of Communication Professionals


« It’s still time to do your best. »

Fred Colantonio comes from a working-middle-class family: his grandparents emigrated from Italy to work in the belgian mines. His parents had professional careers as workers. They were appreciated for their dedication and involvement.


At the age of 18, Fred announced that he wanted to study criminology at university. It was a source both of great hope (Fred was the only child in his family to undertake university studies) and great stress (what if he fails?)

He was fascinated by the program, which combines psychology with law, sociology and criminal science. But he did not master the rules and implications of academic studies. He failed the first year, but understood the efforts to make to get to the end successfully.

With the support of his family, combined with his total commitment and his part-time job in a supermarket chain to partially fund his studies, he had a second chance. Fred graduated in 2001 with the greatest distinction and a rare 19/20 for his graduation work.

Fred is the happy father of Livio, his son born in 2007 whom he considers his main source of inspiration.